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Szabadság Square

Gödöllő is rightfully proud of the title „Hungary’s prettiest Main Square”, an award won at the Entente Florale Hungary competition.

You are welcome to relax and enjoy not only the flowers but the pleasant surroundings, fountains, statues, and World Peace Gong on the Gödöllő Main Square.


The understated fountain, clad in natural stone elements, is illuminated by 13 LED underwater luminaires, creating a fabulous atmosphere in the evening.
An interactive fountain has also been installed in the Main Square, replacing 5 jets. The watery, frothy jet of water that emerges from the fountain is illuminated by 4 underwater lamps of varying colours per nozzle.
The fountain is not just a spectacular feature of the renovated space, it is also a great source of entertainment for children, young and old, who can enjoy a competition.

Each nozzle is equipped with a step sensor, which changes the height of the water jet and the colour of the lighting as it jumps. The winner between two or more competitors is the one who jumps higher up the water column.

In addition to the “Hungary’s Most Beautiful Main Square” award, Gödöllő also received a recognition from the Green City Movement: the association offered environmental consultancy services to the city.

Since September 2013, a free wifi network has been available in the city’s main square , which anyone can connect to with their notebook or smartphone without a password.


Szabadság Square

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