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Gödöllő Royal Waiting Hall

The Gödöllő Royal Waiting Hall: A historic gem in Hungary, where royal elegance and grandeur still linger.

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The Royal Waiting Hall at the Gödöllő railway station

Traffic started on the railway line connecting Budapest and Hatvan in the spring of 1867. The Hungarian state gifted Francis Joseph and queen Elizabeth with the castle and demesne of Gödöllő on the occasion of their coronation in the same year and from that time on, the royal couple and their retinue would regularly travel by train to Gödöllő. In order for the king to be able to travel by train from Vienna directly to Budapest, they connected two lines in the vicinity of Kőbánya station creating the royal track called like this even today. The single-story building of the railway station of Gödöllő was inaugurated on the 2nd of April 1867 and came to be rebuilt later several times. That the personalities of royal highness had to wait was a problem straight from the beginning. “The cabin used for waiting-room was small and dirty with stifling air.” Therefore, they built in 1868 a temporary wooden court pavilion in Tyrolean style.



Royal Waiting Hall

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