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Szeptember végén, Gödöllőn
Változatos programokkal teli hetek után, Szeptember vége is sok mindent tartogat. Vasárnap vadászkürtök dala csendül a kastélyban a X. Gödöllői Vadásznap alkalmával.Ez a vasárnap nem csak a vadászat iránt érdeklődőknek kedvez, Veresegyházon 13 órától ...
Kedvezmény a Lázár Lovasparkban
2017. szeptember 27-én a Turizmus Világnapja alkalmából 50% kedvezménnyel tekinthetik meg a lovasszínházi előadást!
Hello September
September is fun and colorful month to visit Gödöllő and surrondings, there are many events organized and many places and sights are waiting for visitors. After the school start, we will have a fantastic INNER CITY DAYS on September 9-10.
Tourist Association Gödöllő - Royal reception in the region
Spectacular sights, exciting programmes close to Budapest

The Gödöllő Tourist Association warmly welcome visitors to Gödöllő and district. We hope to make your visit memorable with our publications, sightseeing programmes and rich variety of choices provided by our members. Please surf on our website for information regarding our current programmes and our members’ contact details, or we are happy to answer your enquiries in person too.

We wish you a  pleasant stay in Gödöllő and surroundings!




Walk in the city

It is really worth getting to know Gödöllő trough a nice and easy stroll around the town as you will find precious artistic and historic values. Its 70 notable places of interest: famous buildings, museal collections, gardens, parks, meadows, statues and memorials will offer the visitor a really exciting discovery.

Gödöllő is a friendly and quiet little town only less than an hour away from the capital where you will find the royal pomp of the emperors together with the simplicity and liveliness of the market with the peasant women offering their fresh produce; the famous woods the venue for royal hunts together with parks and meadows offering refreshment for the visitor; the legend of Queen Elisabeth of the Hungarians, Sisi, whose charm has prevailed for 150 years and the success of a World Scout Jamboree organised in Gödöllő 80 years before; the squares that commemorate the common symbols of humanity: the Tree of Life, the World Peace Gong; pilgrimage sites for visitors seeking a personal spiritual refuge will find it visiting the Statue of the Virgin Mary in Máriabesnyő.
Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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