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Rub&Roll Villa

The Rub & Roll Villa is a fresh gastronomic and cultural highlight of the city of Gödöllő.

American BBQ, juicy burgers and the best of Mexican cuisine – all this on an island of tranquility, in a natural environment, tuned with demanding programs every month.

Sunday-Thursday: 11:30-22:00

Friday-Saturday: 11:30-23:00


Let’s imagine the milieu of the rural bourgeoisie, which, although buffeted by the winds of the capital, still has its own cultural environment, customs, and audience. On the edge of the Gödöllő protected nature area, on the island of tranquility, a patina villa awaits its visitors, striving to create harmony.

This is none other than the second home of the Rub&Roll in Budapest, a renovated villa; in a beautiful natural environment. Open-air grilling, modern, elegant surroundings, new cocktails, and a touch of America in one place.

Rub&Roll Villa

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