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Classical. This is what it has become over the past years, the race track of Hungaroring.

It was built three and a half dedcades ago as a rarity of its time, for being the first one beyond the Iron Curtain, and now it is still special as the second to have continuosly featured in the F1 race calendar.

Groupama Technical Driving Center

The Groupama Technical Driving Center has been welcoming customers to the Hungaroring since 1998, with driving courses, a motorbike course, an off-road centre and a children’s traffic park.
Experienced instructors assist with training sessions focusing on accident prevention.


2024. február 1-től március 15-ig technikai szünetet tartunk, mely alatt épülünk, szépülünk, hogy újult erővel nyissuk meg kapunkat és fogadjuk visszatérő és új vendégeinket a 2024-es szezonban.



Incredibly, the Hungaroring was the venue for the 38th Hungarian Grand Prix in 2023 – and perhaps it’s a good time to indulge in a little nostalgia. We can recall Nelson Piquet’s victory – in the first race, in front of three hundred thousand (!) spectators. We can remember Nigel Mansell (who always celebrated his birthday with us and was once presented with a horse called Scala) losing his wheel from the lead – and the race (1987). We can recall Damon Hill’s great misfortune (“Where’s Damon Hill?!”), when a technical error on the last lap cost him victory (1997), or the great battles between Alain Prost and Ayrton Senna. Jenson Button’s victory in the rain (his first) is as much a part of the history of the track and the sport as Michael Schumacher’s four or Lewis Hamilton’s eight Hungarian race wins – the British record holder.

Today it is history, but at the time it was a great feat (and there are hardly any similar examples in the world) that the Hungaroring was built in record time, eight months, and it was thanks to this that the 1st Hungarian Grand Prix was held on 10 August 1986.


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