The Kinghill Pavilion

The only remaining Baroque building in the castle park is the Királydomb Pavilion with the portraits of the conquering leaders and kings of Hungary.  About 200 metres from the main […]

Basilica Minor Máriabesnyő

The famous Virgin Mary Shrine, Máriabesnyő’s unique element is in the Nagyboldogasszony Basilica, a two storied church with two statues on the alters. Here you can find the country’s smallest […]

Gödöllő Royal Waiting Hall

The Gödöllő Royal Waiting Hall: A historic gem in Hungary, where royal elegance and grandeur still linger. Nyitvatartás 2024. február 1-től március 15-ig technikai szünetet tartunk, mely alatt épülünk, szépülünk, […]