2146 Mogyoród, Vizipark út 1.
+36 28 541 100
+36 28 541 101

Take a day off and come to Mogyoród, to the Largest Water Park in Hungary! If you love summer, water and slides, Aquarena, Spreading over an area of 11.5 ha, is just the place for you, with 26 slides winding over 1.5 km above and underground. Among the 9 pools in the park, you’ll find the Acrobat Pool, the Lazy River, the Experience Pool, the Jacuzzi, and the Kid’s World.

Aszód Local Government

Aszód Város Önkormányzata
+36 28 500 666
+36 28 400 575

The small town on the bank of the Galga River, Aszód was established more than 600 years ago and received town status again in 1991. The historic atmosphere of the town’s old buildings and the Podmaniczky Palace are not out of place next with the new buildings. The small shops along the main street remind us of the 19th century’s middle class Hungary.


Queen Elizabeth Hotel

2100 Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 2.
+36 28 816 817


The Erzsébet Királyné Hotel*** is located in the center of Gödöllő, near the Royal Palace and only 30 minutes away from  downtown  Budapest. The Hotel has 62 modern, well-equipped rooms. We await our guests with Relax Corner (sauna, jacuzzi, cardio equipments), an elegant restaurant, unique ballroom, complete conference facilities and with helpful staff.

Erzsébet Királyné Szálloda Gödöllő

Gödöllő Value Protection Association

2100 Gödöllő Batthyány u. 32.
+36 20 326 2486

Gödöllő Royal Palace

2100 Gödöllő, Grassalkovich-kastély 5852.hrsz.
+36 28 410 124
+36 28 423 159

A time-travel not only for Sisi-fans. Leave Budapest city to explore the pretty town of Gödöllő, 30km northeast of the city and visit the Royal Palace, where the much loved Queen Elizabeth, known as Sisi spent much of her time. This fabulous Baroque Palace has been lovingly restored to its former glory and is well worth visiting.

Gödöllői Királyi Kastély

Gödöllő District Association of Local Governments

2100 Gödöllő Szabadság tér 7.
+36 28 529 127
+36 28 529 258
The Gödöllő District Association was established on 25 January 2007, Gödöllő city is one of the founding members . The aims of the Association are the district development, state education and health tasks and to establish programmes of equality. We invite you the welcome traveller to explore the treasures of our tranquil towns and friendly villages in the Gödöllő District.

The village of Csömör is located 1 km from Budapest. Besides its peaceful, pleasant setting it is well known for its lively cultural, sport and community life. Major programmes include the Lord’s Day 1.5km carpet of flowers in Spring, the Bike Festival in Summer, the Grape Harvest celebration in Autumn and the Puffed Pastry and Doughnut making competition in Winter.
The beautiful natural surroundings of the village of Dány are found in the gently sloping countyside of the Gödöllő Hills. The village of Dány acts as a bridge between the Galga and Tápio sides. Guests wishing to relax can visit the Neogothic Roman Catholic church, the folk cottage built in the 18th century, the Dány-Szentegyed fishing lake, the Dány-Szentkirály village square, and the Dány food festival held on the last weekend of August .
By the Rákos Stream, beside the Budapest-Hatvan railway line, 9 km from the town of Gödöllő, at the gate of the Gödöllő Hills lies Isaszeg , surrounded by exquisite nature. A notable event in the history of the village is the brightest Hungarian victory of the 1948/49 war of independence, when on the 6th April 1849 the Hungarian troops led by Görgey were victorious over the retreating Austrians. The battle is commemorated every year during the Isaszeg Historical Days.
With a slight exaggeration Kerepes could be described as a miniature compilation of our nation; folk arrived and settled here from almost all of the 64 shires of olden times; Hungarians, Szeklers, Svabians, Slovaks, Serbs, Croatians, Gypsyes and other nations made their home here. They were attracted by the village’s geographical and economic situation. A town since 2013, the 865 year old Kerepes is a symbol of constant change, rejuvenation and growth.
The country’s first residential people’s college was established in Nagytarcsa , the building today hosts the Village Museum, a tribute to the everyday life of established residents of Slovakian descent. A Lutheran church with its unique double winged altar and a beautiful catholic church may also be visited here.
Valkó lies on the East side of the Gödöllő Hills, the village of 2300 residents is surrounded by dense oakforests. Places of interest include the water reserve, remarkable trees in the village and woods (eg. Bethlen Tree, Sissy Tree), the Csörsz Trench, the new carvings in the Statue Garden within the village reflecting the past, the renovated Main Square and the Leisure park’s nature walk. Further information on the village’s other attractions is available on the information signs.
16 km from the town of Gödöllő lies the village of Vácszentlászló . The Hajta Stream, the small district’s main water flow runs through the hearth of the village. In the past, the now narrow trickle drove the wheels of a number of mills. According to legend, the stream took its rise from the hoofmark King Saint László’s horse, hence the village is named after him. Today the stream supplies the water reserve found on the edge of the village, which offers great fishing.
The 760  year old Zsámbok found on the Galga River’s bank preserves Palóc traditions. Tourists are warmly welcome to visit the village’s baroque church, folk cottage, road of local stories and songs, colourful folk costumes, craftsmen, the wedding celebrations of Zsámbok as well as the ’Lecsót a keceléből’ festival aiming to preserve living tradition.

Gödöllő Local Government

2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság tér 6.
+36 28 529 178
+36 28 529 255

Mayor's greeting

Dr. Gémesi György polgármester

Dear Visitor,

Welcome to a town that preserves values in its past and is striving for an illustrious future, a town with an honorable past and a vigorous belief in its future.

Gödöllő is more than a colorful little suburb of Budapest. Its sights include some that are unique both nationwide as well as in Europe.

Hungary's biggest  baroque castle and smallest Marian column, the oldest baroque theatre, the largest portrait gallery of kings and queens, the second most important museum of agricultural instruments and machinery in the world and the first European Peace Gong can all be found here. Gödöllő is home to three unique exhibitions in Hungary: one is the only year round exhibition on secession; another is the only Holy Virgin museum and third is the National Scouting Collection.

In Gödöllő everything is there to make your sightseeing exciting. The pomp and magnitude of the monarchy suites, the elegance of the castle park in the royal castle mark the era of kings and monarchs. Interesting interiors recall Gödöllő's rich local history and its famous personages. Szent Istvan University offers a youthful bustle and the holy inspirative atmosphere in Máriabesnyő shrine offers a spiritual subsidence.

Gödöllő is the town of parks, parklands, statues and monuments. Walking the parks you will come across the statues of numerous famous people born in Gödöllő, motifs symbolising eternal human values such as the World Peace Memorial, the Tree of Life (Világfa) as well as the Park for National Integration, which symbolises the across border national integrity of Hungarians all over the world.

Gödöllő organizes a number of cultural happenings, a lot of which recall the most important historical happenings of the town. The Feast Day of Saint Anthony and the Baroque Days at the Castle commemorate Antal Grassalkovich I. who built the royal castle. The Baroque weekend in August commemorates the visit of Queen Mary Therese in Gödöllő.

The era of kings and queens and the most beloved Hungarian queen, Sisi, who spent more than 2000 days in Gödöllő, is commemorated by Violet Day (the queen's favourite flower), Coronation Weekend, Hunters' Day and the Advent Castle Days. The beautiful Assembly Hall hosts the International Harp Festival and the List Festival which have been organized with great success for the past few years. With its unique stage technique, the Baroque Theatre hosts numerous theatrical performances that are very popular with theatre and opera goers. A prestigious ceremony has been organised for twenty years to commemorate the Soviet exodus and the end of the Soviet regime in Hungary. This ceremony is held at the Tree of Life (Világfa) erected in "Alsópark" (the nether park of the castle) on the occasion of the Hungarian Independence Day.

The thematic itineraries and walking routes for sight seeing are to help the visitor discover Gödöllő's values on the whole and explore one specific topic (such as the Queen Elizabeth route).

Gödöllő is a town for lovers of art, history and literature so it is no surprise that everybody will find his/her interest: lovers of art and literature will find unique art experiences, and those interested in Queen Elizabeth's legendary life or the history of Hungarian scouting will also be offered possibilities to explore history. Pilgrims are welcome at Virgin Mary shrine to discover a special spiritual experience. The Marian Route starting from Budapest and crossing Gödöllő for a stop at Máriabesnyő's Basilica Minor is an exceptional spiritual adventure. A special event here is Passion on Palm Sunday, the ceremony organised for the reception of the Bethlehem Flame arriving to Besnyő on the first day of Advent.

The green environmental circle that surrounds Gödöllő is one that will be protected prior to everything as Gödöllő is a green town. The villages in Gödöllő's micro-region offer a wide variety of possibilities to explore nature, folk art and historical sites.

Travel to Gödöllő from Budapest only takes 30 minutes by car and 45 minutes by the suburban train. Ferihegy Airport is only a 20-25 minutes drive from Gödöllő, shorter than from Budapest, the capital of Hungary.

Gödöllő and its micro-region abound in restaurants and confectionaries that welcome the visitor both with national as well as international cuisine. For those who would like to spend more time here in Gödöllő there are accommodation facilities ranging from student hostels to hotels and private accommodations.

Have a wonderful time, enjoy your stay in Gödöllő!

Dr. György Gémesi
Mayor of Gödöllő

Municipal Library of Gödöllő

2100 Gödöllő, Dózsa György út 8.
+36 28 515 280
+36 28 410 570

More than a library’ – announces the slogan of the Municipal Library of Gödöllő. The building has a three-part function in the town’s life: A library with 118,000 volumes, an up-to-date institution providing information services and a beloved meeting place of the citizens. The library’s offers are enriched by exhibitions and literary and art events as well. The speciality of the collection is the material of the Scout Library and Archives (1913-1948) available to public and researchers.

Municipal Library of Gödöllő

Tanpálya Driving Centre

2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10.
+36 28 441 951
+36 28 441 961
The Driving Centre opened its gate in 1998 and ever since it is Hungary’s most modern driving technique facility. The Centre is situated in the exclusive area of Hungaroring.

Our team members and instructors have a strong blend of professional and personal experience and understanding. Besides the traditional driving technique courses we offer a wide range of other services:
  • Fuel-efficient driving course
  • Defensive course
  • High-speed driving technique course
  • E-Learning 
All driving technique centres have artificial resin road surface and water walls and so do we. All of our tracks are covered with artificial resin and we use water walls as well. The grip of the wheels is the same on this artificial resin surface as a wet, icy road surface. The artificial resin surface serves two purposes: due to the slippery surface the car already slips at a lower speed however this practice doesn’t damage the wheels. In case of a higher speed, the car acts the same way on dry surface as well. You can practice safely how the car acts in these circumstances and how to correct the steering.

The Groupama Driving Centre organizes the events of Hungaroring Off-road Centre and the Hungaroring Motorcycle Academy. Our Centre also organizes the events of Hungaroring for children at the Miniring.

The number of the attendants is significant: Each year we have 4-5000 participants on our courses.
It is really important for us to provide high-standard services for our customers. In order to guarantee the high standards we have a strict quality system.

Tanpálya Mogyoród


2146 Mogyoród, Hungaroring út 10.
+36 28 444 444
+36 28 441 860

35 years has passed since the Hungaroring was opened in 1986 between the hills of Mogyoród nearby the beautiful Hungarian capital city. A race track from nowhere started to operate at that time in one of the most professional sports of the world, in Formula 1. Hungaroring has been part this prestigious championship series for 35 years now, it is still special as the second behind Monza to have continuously featured in the F1 race calendar.

The great race tracks of the world, among them Hungaroring in the past three and a half decades, are not only to host the world championships and, as their capacity allows, provide opportunity to practice for those passionate about motorsports, but to serve as a sort of think tank hub of the automotive life of the given country.

It is not possible to over-emphasise, acknowledge and praise Hungaroring as one of the twenty-some race tracks that hold the permission to host a world championship run. It is a privilege that requires constant effort and the delivery of the best in everything – and this is exactly what we do.

Apart from Formula 1 Hungarian Grand Prix we host such world races as the FIA’s World Touring Car Cup, including not only regular Hungarian participants, but a World Cup winner as well in Norbert Michelisz. We can also mention the worthy popular European Truck Racing Championship series with another Hungarian great driver, two-time European Champion Norbert Kiss.

Hungaroring is the motorsport centre of Hungary, offering great opportunities not only to those who love cars and motorbikes but also for those who are passionate about speed: they can practice in the Driving Centre operating within our premises or enjoy formula car adventure drives…
Our race track is alive and moves forward dynamically. Come and experience it yourself!



 06 70 675 1126

Urbango offers a special outdoor program, a treasure hunt adventure combined with a sightseeing walk. The game is recommended for families, groups of friends and corporate teams as well who love novel things and who are not deterred by a little walk and a little thinking.

Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő - Urbango

Lázár Equestrian Park

2182 Domonyvölgy, Fenyő utca 47.
+36 28 576 510
+36 28 576 511

An excursion and event centre in Domonyvölgy, 5 kms from the town of Gödöllő. Guests are awaited with a horse show evoking the tradition of Hungarian horsemanship, a horse cart ride in the forest, a petting zoo and delicious Hungarian cuisine with live Gipsy music.
The 9-hectare park and the three different taverns of the coach driving Champion Lázár brothers provide an excellent venue for team building programmes and unforgettable weddings.

Lázár Lovaspark

Mater Salvatoris House of Retreat and Convention Centre

2100 Gödöllő-Máriabesnyő, Kapucinusok tere 3.
+36 28 420 176
+36 28 510 742

The Mater Salvatoris House of Retreat and Convention Centre is open every day of the year to guests seeking spiritual renewal through their own planned activities. Accommodation and catering needs can be met on an individual basis.

Mater Salvatoris

House of Arts

2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság út 6.
+36 28 514 130

The Gödöllő House of Arts, the region’s theatre and cultural centre offers its guests a selection of programmes. A City Centre Ticket Office and Information Point provides details about national and internationally events alike, for which tickets can be purchased there. The House of Arts’ theatre hall, conference room and minor halls make it an excellent venue for business meetings, exhibitions and events.

Művészetek Háza Gödöllő

Palm House Garden Centre and Herbarium

2100 Gödöllő, Martinovics Ignác utca 2/a.
+36 20 415 0063

Palm House Garden Store and Herbarium, located in the castle park of the Royal Palace of Gödöllő, was opened to the public on 29 August 2015.
In the second half of the 19th century, in the days of Queen Sissi, the historic building was a place for gardening activities that ended during World War II. By the 1980s, the building became completely abandoned and ruined; its renovation started in the following decade, then, in August 2015, a new, refurbished garden store was founded and opened to the public that manages to evoke the luxurious royal times with its exterior and interior designs.

Garden enthusiasts can find everything in the plant nursery from flowering perennials to ornamental trees. The peculiarity of the garden is the six sample gardens designed in different styles that aim to promote garden culture.
At the left wing of the Palm House, a greenhouse welcomes indoor plant lovers. The right wing hosts an Herbarium furnished in baroque style where visitors can choose from a wide selection of artisan teas, marmalades, syrups, spices, and cosmetic products.
Besides the wonderful, royal environment, regular events also provide good reason to visit the Palm House, of which you can find more information on our Facebook page .

Pálmaház Kertészet és Herbárium

Pilisi Parkerdő Co. - Gödöllő Arboretum

2114 Valkó, Szabadság út 223.
+36 28 572 020
+36 28 572 021

The Gödöllő Arboretum was founded by Archduke Josef in 1902 as a parkland. The arboretum is 350 hectares, 40 hectares of which are park designed primarily for leisure. In the collection near Gödöllő, in the direction of Isaszeg there are currently 147 fir trees and seed producing  plants, alongside 875 different types of dense greenery and shrubs. The arboretum is open all year round and has no admission fee, the Pilisi Parkerdő Co. is responsible for its maintenance.

Gödöllői Arborétum

National Botanical Garden Vácrátót

Vácrátót, Alkotmány út 2-4, 2163
(06 28) 360 122

The National Botanical Garden is a two-century-old, magnificent romantic landscape castle garden, which has become the wealthiest collection of plants in Hungary in half a century. It is a conservation historic area of national significance and at the same time a historic garden. Thanks to its diverse habitants, it is to nearly 13,000 plant species, making it one of the country's most important gene bank. We can admire the prestigious dendrological, the plant taxonomy, the perennial and rock garden, and the greenhouse collections during a garden walk. We can also enjoy interesting exhibitions of the Berkenyeház and the Karbonház. The garden offers visitors an unparalleled experience at any time of the year, relaxing on the benches along the paths and immersed in harmony created by man and nature.

180 éves, romantikus kert, ahol Magyarország legszebb virágai nyílnak -  Képeken a vácrátóti arborétum - Utazás | Femina


Bear Farm of Veresegyház

2112 Veresegyház, Patak u. 39.
+36 20 593 8113

The Bear Farm of Veresegyház welcomes everybody in a beautiful natural environment. In the zoo beside bears you can find plenty of wolves and every weekend we invite you for a wolf feeding show. A petting zoo, a playground and a little football pitch await the children in the Joy Park.

Veresegyházi Medveotthon

Town Museum

2100 Gödöllő, Szabadság tér 5.
+36 28 422 002
+36 28 422 003

The permanent exhibitions present an image of how the original Reformed farmers living near the castle, the Catholic workers settling in the 18th century, the merchants arriving in the middle of the 19th century, and the artists   moving here in the time of the Dualismlived. 

Gödöllői Városi Múzeum

Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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