Urbango Treasure Hunting Game

tel: +36 30 434 9391
email: godollo@urbango.hu
web: godollo.urbango.hu

Urbango offers a special outdoor program, a treasure hunt adventure combined with a sightseeing walk. An outdoor game spiced with exciting tasks where players don’t know in advance what will help them to find the next stations and then eventually find the endpoint. The walk and the information related to Gödöllő are made even more interesting by solving the puzzles, which encourages the team members to think together and spend a pleasant morning or afternoon in a good mood.

Participants can play as a team of 3-7 people. At the beginning of the game, participants will receive a starter pack that includes “treasure hunting equipment”. It has a lot to offer, tourist information, a map, and objects that may seem unnecessary at first, but you will need everything during the game. Tasks include those of a logical nature, as well as those where you need to find an object or information at a particular location.

The endpoint is unknown, this can only be found by the teams if all tasks have been solved correctly. If the team gets stuck somewhere, players can ask for help through a mobile app or, if necessary, even by phone, for which there is a constantly available helpdesk.

Urbango offers a perfect solution for those who don’t like to visit a city with a tour guide, and are looking for an semi-structured, and at the same time fun city tour opportunity. The game is recommended for families, groups of friends and corporate teams as well who want to spend quality time, who love novel things and who are not deterred by a little walk and a little thinking.

Urbango Gödöllő
Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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