Town market
5 Szabadság Square

Women wearing several skirts and headscarves offering the produce of their small gardens with friendly words , well-ordered fruit and vegetable stalls, tables full of colourful flowers – all provide the human atmosphere of old-time markets in the courtyard of the Hamvay Mansion . As well as lángos (fried flat bread), traditionally found at markets, it’s worth tasting the strudel, made on the spot with at least eight flavours and always fresh.

The Monarchy Strudel House has been striving for ten years to achieve permanent, outstanding quality by obtaining and using exclusively natural ingredients. The strudels and other homemade pastries are truly hand-crafted , making the use of artificial additives unnecessary.

Source: Information Portal of Gödöllő, 2017,

Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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