Municipal Library And Information Centere Of Gödöllő

8 Dózsa György Street

It was built in 2002, it is modern, but integrated perfectly into the small town environment. It has three roles in the life of the city: traditional library, information service provider and favorite meeting place in Gödöllő.
The Gödöllő Town Library and Information Centre has won many prizes and wards , t he following should be mentioned:

2002: Universal access building of the year awarded both to the library and to those participating in the work by the Architectural Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs

2002: 1st place in the Pest county architecture award to the company carrying out the high-quality library construction work, Architekton Építő és Műemlékfelújító Rt., from the Pest County Authority

2003: The library was given the For Gödöllő Award by the Body of Representatives of the Town of Gödöllő

Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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