Museum of Apiculture
200 Isaszegi Street

The apiarian collection is a collection of KÁTKI (Institute for Small Animal Research and Co-ordination Centre for Gene Conservation).

The construction of the Gödöllő Apicultural Museum was completed in 1983 by Antal Nikovitz, in honor of the 29 Apimondia (International Apicultural Congress) held in Budapest.

Construction of the museum was a test of social cooperation of beekeepers. The building was also conceived with the bases of symbolizing the beehive's compelling power. The base of the museum is beeswax-shaped and  with a raised floor, it islook like a beehive.

The unique collection of old and used beekeeping tools , collected over the years has been exhibited with the help of KÁTKI.

Please check in previously and consider it can be visited only during working hours of the institute.

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Contact :
Phone:(28) 511 301

Turisztikai Egyesület Gödöllő
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